A guide on how to use this archive

Welcome to this digital archive

In these pages, we have gathered in digital format, a number of published articles about the cultural heritage of Zejtun.  Most of these articles were published for the first time by the Zejtun Parish, the band clubs and other societies in the booklets they issue annually for the ocassion of the parish feast of St Catherine.  All articles are in Maltese.

As you can see, these articles are an archived source of thoroughly researched information.  This archive will serve as a very useful tool for students and all those interested to know more about the heritage of Zejtun.

There are various ways how you can search through this archive:

1. If you are looking for information about a particular subject (eg Architecture), you can search under that particular heading and there you will find all articles falling under this topic.  The lists of articles are in alphabetic order by author’s surname and name.

2. You can search articles according to the author’s name (eg Kan Dun Joe Abela), search under the author’s name (ABELA, JOE. KAN).  The list of articles are in year of publication order.

3. You can also search the articles according to the name of publisher (eg. Iż-Żejtun).  These are gathered by year of publication.

4. The last search can be done by year of publication.  Unfortunately there are some years missing since we haven’t managed to find a copy of the publications of these particular years.  There were no publications in 1987 and 2010 since the feast was cancelled in both years.

Once you have found the article you were looking for, you should then click on the name of the article to view it in PDF format.

In all there are five publications for each year:

1. “Iż-Żejtun” published by the Parish of St Catherine V.M., Zejtun

2. “Għaqda Mużikali Beland” published by the Għaqda Mużikali Beland

3. “Għaqda Banda Zejtun” published by the Għaqda Banda Zejtun

4. “L-Armar”published by the Għaqda ta’ l-Armar 25 ta’ Novembru

5. “Għaqda tan-Nar 25 ta’ Novembru” published by the Għaqda tan-Nar 25 ta’ Novembru.

Wirt iż-Żejtun is grateful  to the Zejtun Parish, the band clubs and other societies not only for their great job in publishing these books year by year but also for granting us their approval to publish these articles digitally and making them accessible to all.

These articles are being published with the written consent of the original publisher.  The articles cannot be copied or re-distributed by any means in line with the COPYRIGHT Act.

We kindly ask you to share the link to this archive with others so that this treasure of knowledge and information is accessible to a wider audience.

Should you require further assistance or guidance kindly get in contact by using the comments section below.

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